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Полиэфирные спиральные сушильные машиныПолиэфирные спиральные сушильные машины

Полиэфирные спиральные сушильные машины

    название: Полиэфирные спиральные сушильные машины

    ключевые слова: Полиэфирные спиральные сушильные машины

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    Polyester Spiral Dryer Fabrics are suitable for drying packing paper, cultural paper, board paper and pulp board which be requested with big quantity. The fabric is widely used in paper making, mining, food, pharmaceutical, printing and dyeing, rubber industry. Also could be used as conveyor belt and the laminating machine matching belt.

    Polyester spiral dryer fabrics have the advantage of larger air permeability, flat surface, good strength, long working time and joining or not arbitrarily.

    The fabric which in special material have the characteristics of high temperature resistance, abrasion resistance and aging resistance etc.

    Types of Spiral Dryer FabricsModel of FabricsWire Diameter(mm)Strength(N/cm)Air PermeabilityM3/m2h
    WarpWeftArea of the surface
    Coarse LoopLW901100.91.1≥230021000±500
    Large LoopLW40800.91.1≥200018000±500
    Medium LoopLW38680.70.9≥200016000±500
    Fine LoopLW35600.60.8≥200015000±500
    Micro LoopLW32520.50.7≥180015000±500
    Medium Loop(Flat wire)LW38680.48*0.8≥200010000±500

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